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    Advanced Packages include the ability to specify additional application-specific options. This... more
    Product information "SFTP/SCP Server"

    Advanced Packages include the ability to specify additional application-specific options. This is a deployment package for SFTP/SCP Server by SolarWinds which is compatible with all major systems management solutions such as RMSi, SCCM, LANDesk, KACE, InTune and others. Get advanced package options to fully automate and customize the deployment of this software.


    • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later

    • Source files: 1
    • Ability to use already downloaded sources from vendor
    • Installation sources bundled with the package (can be downloaded manually, see below)
    • Download links from vendor website
    • Automatic download of sources from vendor website
    Further Information
    Package number: RP-101204
    Setup Type: msi
    Information Link: https://support.solarwinds.com/Success_Center/Reusable_content_-_InfoDev/ETS/SFTP%2F%2FSCP_Server
    License Type: Freeware
    Tested for OS: Windows 10 64 bit
    Dependencies: Microsoft .NET 2.0
    Supported OS by Manufacturer: Windows 7 | Windows Server 2008
    Platform: 32-bit | 64-bit
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    Configurations "SFTP/SCP Server"
    Standard configuration
    • Disable Automatic Updates
    • Remove Desktop Shortcuts
    • Silent Install Support
    • Silent Uninstall Support
    • Per Machine Installation
    • Suppress Reboots
    • Disabled Add/Remove Programs Interaction
    Advanced configuration
    • Advanced
      • Configuration file
        • Please specify which configuration should be applied:
        • Configure settings on tab 'custom configuration'
        • Specify an own configuration file
          • Please select an existing configuration file, that should be applied: [File picker]
        • Default No configuration file will be applied. The needed configuration file will be created automatically at the first start of the application with default settings.
      • Overwrite existing configuration file
        • Overwrite configuration file, if there is already an existing one.
        • Please take notice: If this option is set, the configuration file on the target system will be overwritten. Please ensure, that no data will be lost.
      • Windows Firewall settings
        • Add a Windows firewall rule for this application.
    • Custom Configuration
      • Please take notice: These settings are only available, if the option 'Configure settings on tab custom configuration' is selected on the previous tab.
      • Root Directory
        • Enter the local fileystem directory that the SFTP/SCP server will use as root ("/").
        • [Folder picker]
      • Allowed Protocols
        • Choose the file transfer protocol(s) to allow:
          • Options
            • Both
            • SFTP
            • SCP
        • Choose the SSH protocol version(s) to allow:
          • Options
            • Both
            • SSH1
            • SSH2
      • Permitted File Transfer Operations
        • Upload File
          • Allow existing file to be overwritten
            • Automatically rename existing files on overwrite
        • Download File
        • Delete File *
        • Rename File *
        • List Directory Contents *
        • Create Directory
        • Delete Directory *
        • * Only applies to SFTP
      • TCP/IP Settings
        • Specify the TCP port number that the SFTP/SCP server will use to listen for connections.
        • TCP Port:
          • [Place to enter a number]
        • Keep Alive Interval (seconds):
          • [Place to enter a number] (validated)
      • IP Address Configuration
        • Bind to all local IP addresses
        • Use custom IP address binding
          • Please enter all IP addresses (v4 or v6) and use a comma as delimiter
            • [Place to enter value]
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