Why are so many packages unavailable?

Realizing our vision for a store that provides for every application, there will be an ongoing journey. We are working through the most popular applications now, but will prioritize efforts based on requests. If you purchase a package that is not ready, we have teams standing by to generate the required/purchased package within the posted delivery times.

What packages formats will be made available on the Package Store?

We intend to provide all types of format, but will prioritize the introduction of alternative formats based on demand. If you would like to obtain package formats like App-V, ThinApp or others, please let us know so we can prioritize these efforts to fulfill your expectations with regard to the desired package format. Even if not available in the store today, we may be able to offer the format you desire so please let us know!

How will the community contribute to the store?

The community will contribute deployment options which we will leverage to generate packages on the site, and participants will be rewarded for their efforts. Details on how one can contribute, what one can contribute, what is expected of contributions and how rewards will be valued and executed are in progress of being adapted. Please complete our questionnaire to become a participant to become part of the discussion.

What is behind the rules?

Disable Automatic Updates
For applications which check automatically for updates, this option will turn off this feature of the application.

Remove Desktop Shortcuts
It is common practice to have installer place shortcuts by default on the Desktop. This option/feature will remove Desktop shortcuts.

Silent Install Support
This is shown but not configurable; all packages provided by the Package Store provide silent installation support.

Silent Uninstall Support
This is shown but not configurable; all packages provided by the Package Store provide silent uninstall support.

Per Machine Installation
A per-machine installation of the package will enable all users of the computer to access and use the application.

Disable Splash Screen
For applications that make use of a splash screen which may be disabled in its settings, this option turns such splash screens off. This option will prevent/disable the Windows loading splash screen from showing each time Windows loads.

Suppress Auto Start
This option will prevent/disable automatic startup applications.

Suppress Reboots
For applications that may reboot as a part of/following the installation, choosing this option will prevent such a reboot from happening automatically. Note that the installation may still require a reboot which should be handled separately during the deployment process. This option is intended to help you control when systems reboots but does not remove the need when necessary.

Disabled ARP Interaction
This option will prevent interactive configuration or removal  of applications listed in Add/Remove Programs after installation - from the Windows Add or Remove Programs interface.

What to do in case a package is not functional/if there is a problem with a package?

Raynet provides full support for all packages in the store. If you have a problem with a package please contact us at

What is possible with the Package Store today?

We have some initial software completely ready to go with Basic, Standard and Advanced packages quality tested and ready to be sold/distributed. In fact we are in the progress of creating free Software packages, so you can get a feeling for the full experience of purchasing a package at no cost.
We have more to do in adding things like more formats, versions and titles and this will be an ongoing effort even beyond our public launch set for January 2017. We also have plans to engage the community to help us fill this store with as many package configuration options as possible. This in particular is just getting started, but expected to move ahead quickly as we discuss ideas and get feedback from IT Professionals around the world.

What will be provided with the public launch?

When we launch, you will see a store with many more packages and capabilities. This will be driven heavily by the community which will also be in place prior to the public launch.

How can you ensure packages are of high quality?

While you may see that we intend to leverage the community, we will be doing so in such a way that it is Raynet that builds the final package in order to ensure complete awareness of package actions and contents.

Before a package is made available in the store, it must pass our quality control process. This process is a complete, rigorous solution designed by Raynet to exceed the expectations of our customers over the years. We also use our products to perform OS readiness tests and have many years of experience creating thousands of packages for various customers.

Why should I choose the Raynet Package Store?

Raynet provides the largest selection of high quality packages possible. The completeness of our packages are made possible by leveraging the skills of our own experienced team of packagers as well as other IT Professionals from around the world.
We are not only providing multiple levels of packages to suit your specific needs, but we are also providing easy to use configuration options you will not find anywhere else. Finally, the contents of our store are constantly being re-evaluated and enhanced as new information becomes available and to address emerging capabilities as they are introduced.