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  • Notepad++
  • 7.8.4
  • Don Ho
  • MUL
  • 64-bit
  • €199.00 *

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    Delivery time 10 Workdays

    IMPORTANT: All information is related to the previous version of this package Advanced... more
    Product information "Notepad++"

    IMPORTANT: All information is related to the previous version of this package

    Advanced Packages include the ability to specify additional application-specific options. This is a deployment package for Notepad++ by Don Ho which is compatible with all major systems management solutions such as RMSi, SCCM, LANDesk, KACE, InTune and others. Get advanced package options to fully automate and customize the deployment of this software.

    • Source files: 7
    • Ability to use already downloaded sources from vendor
    • Installation sources bundled with the package (can be downloaded either manually or automatically, see below)
    • Download links from vendor website
    • Automatic download of sources from vendor website
      • Automatic credentials for sources download [NOT REQUIRED]
      • Automatic processing of downloaded sources [NOT REQUIRED]
    Further Information
    Package number: RP-102032
    Setup Type: exe
    Information Link:
    License Type: Freeware
    Tested for OS: Windows 10 64 bit
    Dependencies: n/a
    Supported OS by Manufacturer: Windows 10 | Windows 7 | Windows 8 | Windows 8.1 | Windows Server 2008 | Windows Server 2008 R2 | Windows Server 2012 | Windows Server 2012 R2 | Windows Server 2016
    Platform: 64-bit
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    Configurations "Notepad++"
    Standard configuration
    • Disable Automatic Updates
    • Remove Desktop Shortcuts
    • Silent Install Support
    • Silent Uninstall Support
    • Per Machine Installation
    • Disable Initial Dialogs
    • Suppress Auto Start
    • Suppress Reboots
    • Disabled Add/Remove Programs Interaction
    Advanced configuration
    • Advanced
      • Installation
        • Select the destination directory where Notepad++ should be installed.
          • Destination folder [Folder picker] (validated)
      • Configuration
        • Overwrite existing configuration
          • Existing configuration (e.g. from the previous version) will be overwritten
        • Specify User Interface Language
          • Options
            • English
            • German
            • French
            • Dutch
            • Spanish
            • Italian
        • Include your own Notepad++ configuration files in to installation
        • Include 'config.xml'
          • The GUI and MISC settings are stored in this file [File picker] (validated)
        • Include 'langs.xml'
          • All the keywords of supported languages to be highlighted are in this file [File picker] (validated)
        • Include 'stylers.xml'
          • All the syntax highlighting (colours, fonts, etc...) are saved in this file [File picker] (validated)
        • Include 'contextMenu.xml'
          • The configure file of Notepad++ context menu [File picker] (validated)
        • Include 'session.xml'
          • The file which contains the list of full file path name of previous session. In addition, you may have saved specific session files in order to load specific sets of files. This is how to do Project Management in Notepad++ [File picker] (validated)
        • Include 'shortcuts.xml'
          • This file contains all the recorded macro, user defined commands and remapped shortcuts information [File picker] (validated)
        • Include 'userDefineLang.xml'
          • This file contains your own user-specific language. [File picker] (validated)
      • Plugin Manager settings
        • Overwrite existing Plugin Manager settings
          • Existing file 'PluginManager.ini' (e.g. from the previous version) will be overwritten
        • Notify of plugin updates at startup
          • Check for plugin updates every days
            • [Place to enter value] (validated)
        • Show unstable plugins
        • Install plugins for all users
          • This option requires administrator rights
        • Force HTTP instead of HTTPS for downloading Plugin List
        • Use development plugin list (may content untested, unvalidated or uninstallable plugins)
      • Other settings
        • Allow plugins installed in "%APPDATA\Notepad++\plugins" to be loaded as well as "local" plugins
        • Make Notepad++ behaviour similar to MS Notepad (ie. always open a file in a new instance with single document interface)
        • Enable customisation the icons on toolbar - but not the set of buttons
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