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  • Cisco Jabber
  • 12.6
  • Cisco
  • MUL
  • 32-bit | 64-bit
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    IMPORTANT: All information is related to the previous version of this package Advanced... more
    Product information "Cisco Jabber"

    IMPORTANT: All information is related to the previous version of this package

    Advanced Packages include the ability to specify additional application-specific options. This is a deployment package for Cisco Jabber by Cisco which is compatible with all major systems management solutions such as RMSi, SCCM, LANDesk, KACE, InTune and others. Get advanced package options to fully automate and customize the deployment of this software.

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    • Ability to use already downloaded sources from vendor
    • Installation sources bundled with the package (can be downloaded manually, see below)
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    Further Information
    Package number: RP-101905
    Information Link:
    License Type: Freeware
    Tested for OS: Windows 10 64 bit
    Dependencies: n/a
    Supported OS by Manufacturer: Windows 10 | Windows 7 | Windows 8 | Windows 8.1
    Platform: 32-bit | 64-bit
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    Configurations "Cisco Jabber"
    Standard configuration
    • Disable Automatic Updates
    • Remove Desktop Shortcuts
    • Silent Install Support
    • Silent Uninstall Support
    • Per Machine Installation
    • Suppress Reboots
    • Disabled Add/Remove Programs Interaction
    Advanced configuration
    • Common Installation Arguments
      • Application Language
        • This argument is optional. If you do not specify a value, Cisco Jabber for Windows checks the value for the UseSystemLanguage parameter. If the UseSystemLanguage parameter is set to true, the same language is used as for the operating system. If the UseSystemLanguage parameter is to set to false or not defined, then the client uses the regional language for the current user as the default.
        • Specify the application language.
          • Application language:
            • Dutch - Netherlands (nl-NL)
            • English - United States (en-US)
            • French - France (fr-FR)
            • German - Germany (de-DE)
            • Italian - Italy (it-IT)
            • Spanish - Spain (es-ES)
      • FORGOT_PASSWORD_URL - Specifies the URL where users can reset lost or forgotten passwords.
        • [Place to enter value]
      • AUTOMATIC_SIGN_IN - Specifies whether the Sign me in when Cisco Jabber starts check box is checked
      • TFTP_FILE_NAME - Specifies the unique name of a group configuration file.
        • [Place to enter value]
      • LOGIN_RESOURCE - Controls user sign in to multiple client instances. By default, users can sign in to multiple instances of Cisco Jabber at the same time.
        • WBX - Users can sign in to one instance of Cisco Jabber for Windows at a time. Cisco Jabber for Windows appends the wbxconnect suffix to the user's JID. Users cannot sign in to any other Cisco Jabber client that uses the wbxconnect suffix.
        • MUT - Users can sign in to one instance of Cisco Jabber for Windows at a time, but can sign in to other Cisco Jabber clients at the same time. Each instance of Cisco Jabber for Windows appends the user's JID with a unique suffix.
      • LOG_DIRECTORY - Defines the directory where the client writes log files.
        • By default following directory will be used: %USER_PROFILE%\AppData\Local\Cisco\Unified Communications\Jabber\CSF\Logs
        • [Place to enter value] (validated)
      • CLICK2X=DISABLE - Disables click-to-x functionality with Cisco Jabber. If you specify this argument during installation, the client does not register as a handler for click-to-x functionality with the operating system.
      • TELEMETRY_ENABLED - Specifies whether analytics data is gathered.
      • LOCATION_MODE: Specifies whether the Location feature is enabled and whether users are notified when new locations are detected.
        • ENABLED (default) - Location feature is turned on. Users are notified when new locations are detected.
        • DISABLED - Location feature is turned off. Users are not notified when new locations are detected.
        • ENABLEDNOPROMPT - Location feature is turned on. Users are not notified when new locations are detected.
      • FIPS_MODE - Specifies whether the Cisco Jabber is in FIPS mode. Cisco Jabber can be in FIPS mode on an operating system that is not FIPS enabled. Only connections with non-Window's APIs are in FIPS mode. If you don't include this setting, Cisco Jabber will determine the FIPS mode from the operating system.
        • true
        • false
    • Override Argument
      • CLEAR=1 - Delete any existing bootstrap file
    • Mode Type Argument
      • PRODUCT_MODE=Phone_Mode - Specifies the product mode for the client. Phone_Mode: Cisco Unified Communications Manager is the authenticator. This value should not be set, if you are using Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 9.x or Later.
    • Authentication Arguments
      • AUTHENTICATOR: Specifies the source of authentication for the client. This value is used if Service Discovery fails.
        • CUP - Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM and Presence Service. On-premises deployments in the default product mode. The default product mode can be either full UC or IM only.
        • CUCM - Cisco Unified Communications Manager. On-premises deployments in phone mode.
        • WEBEX - Cisco WebEx Messenger Service. Cloud-based or hybrid cloud-based deployments.
      • Please specify following values - if applicable
        • [Place to enter value]
      • TFTP:
        • [Place to enter value]
      • CTI:
        • [Place to enter value]
      • CCMCIP:
        • [Place to enter value]
        • [Place to enter value]
        • [Place to enter value]
      • EXCLUDED_SERVICES - Select services that you want Jabber to exclude from Service Discovery
        • CUP
        • WEBEX
        • CUCM
      • UPN_DISCOVERY_ENABLED - Allows you to define whether the client uses the User Principal Name (UPN) of a Windows session to get the User ID and domain for a user when discovering services.
        • true (default)
        • false
    • SSO Arguments
      • SSO_ORG_DOMAIN - Specifies the domain name for the Cisco WebEx Org that contains the URL for the SSO service.
        • [Place to enter value]
    • Technical Documentation
      • [Link] Read more about the deployment options on
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