Horizon Client

Horizon Client
  • Horizon Client
  • 4.3.0
  • VMware
  • ENG
  • 32-bit | 64-bit
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    Advanced Packages include the ability to specify additional application-specific options. This... more
    Product information "Horizon Client"

    Advanced Packages include the ability to specify additional application-specific options. This is a deployment package for Horizon Client by VMware which is compatible with all major systems management solutions such as RMSi, SCCM, LANDesk, KACE, InTune and others. Get advanced package options to fully automate and customize the deployment of this software.

    • Source files: 1
    • Ability to use already downloaded sources from vendor
    • Installation sources bundled with the package (can be downloaded either manually or automatically, see below)
    • Download links from vendor website
    • The download link downloads the setup from the official vendor website. By using browse or the download link, you acknowledge that you agree to End User License Agreement of the vendor.
    • Automatic download of sources from vendor website
      • Automatic credentials for sources download [NOT REQUIRED]
      • Automatic processing of downloaded sources [NOT REQUIRED]
      • This automatic download procedure downloads the setup from the official vendor website.
    Further Information
    Package number: RP-101010
    Setup Type: exe
    Information Link: https://www.vmware.com/support/horizon-view.html
    License Type: Freeware
    Tested for OS: Windows 10 64 bit
    Dependencies: None
    Supported OS by Manufacturer: Windows 8 | Windows 8.1 | Windows Server 2008 R2 | Windows Server 2012 R2
    Platform: 32-bit | 64-bit
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    Configurations "Horizon Client"
    Standard configuration
    • Disable Automatic Updates
    • Remove Desktop Shortcuts
    • Silent Install Support
    • Silent Uninstall Support
    • Per Machine Installation
    • Disable Initial Dialogs
    • Suppress Auto Start
    • Suppress Reboots
    • Disabled Add/Remove Programs Interaction
    Advanced configuration
    • Advanced
      • Installation
        • Use custom installation directory
          • Destination folder [Folder picker] (validated)
        • Select a setup type
        • -
          • Typical Installation
          • Installs the IPv4 Internet protocol and the USB Redirection and Log in as current user features. If FIPS mode is enabled on the client operating system, FIPS-compliant cryptography is disabled.
        • + (Custom Installation)
      • Shortcuts
        • Install a shortcut for Horizon Client in the Start menu
      • Horizon Client Registry Settings
        • You can define default settings for the Horizon Client in the Windows Registry instead of specifying these settings on the command line. Group policy settings take precedence over Windows Registry settings and Windows Registry settings take precedence over the command line..
        • Specifies the default NETBIOS domain name. For example, you would use mycompany rather than mycompany.com.
          • [Place to enter value]
        • Disable the menu bar (shade) at the top of the Horizon Client window.
        • This setting is applicable only when you have the display layout set to All Monitors or Fullscreen.
        • Specify the default View Connection Server instance by its URL, IP address, or FQDN.
          • [Place to enter value]
        • Enable Soft Keypad
        • If enabled and a Horizon Client window has focus, then physical keyboard, onscreen keyboard, mouse, and handwriting pad events are sent to the remote desktop or remote application, even if the mouse or onscreen keyboard is outside of the Horizon Client window
      • Security Settings
        • Specify the certificate checking mode.
          • Do not verify server identity certificates
          • Warn before connecting to untrusted servers.
          • Never connect to untrusted servers.
        • Configure the cipher list to restrict the use of certain cryptographic algorithms and protocols before establishing an encrypted SSL connection. The cipher list consists of one or more cipher strings separated by colons.
          • [Place to enter value]
          • Note: All cipher strings are case-sensitive.
          • The default value is TLSv1:TLSv1.1:TLSv1.2:!aNULL:kECDH+AESGCM:ECDH+AESGCM:RSA+AESGCM:kECDH+AES:ECDH+AES:RSA+AES. This means that TLSv.1, TLSv1.1, and TLSv1.2 are enabled. (SSL v2.0 and v3.0 are removed.)Cipher suites use 128- or 256-bit AES, remove anonymous DH algorithms, and then sort the current cipher list in order of encryption algorithm key length.
          • [Link] Reference link for the configuration
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